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Mediacom's Boundary-Free TV

Mediacom's Boundary-Free TV offers TV you control, not TV that controls you. With Mediacom's Boundary-Free TV you get even more great entertainment, plus you can experience it all in crystal-clear digital-quality picture and sound. Easily find your favorite shows with our On-Screen Guide. Enjoy movies and your favorite shows OnDemand at your leisure. Get the best price on cable TV by ordering online or bundle and save with The Mediacom's PerformancePak!

Mediacom's Always Faster Internet

With Mediacom's Always Faster Internet, you can surf and download huge files at blazing-fast speed. Stream videos and listen to music with amazing ease. Send pictures to friends and family without waiting for photos to upload. Plus, get a dependable connection, that's always on. Mediacom's Always Faster Internet doesn't require a phone line, so you will never get a busy signal. Get high speed Internet service by itself or bundle and save with The Mediacom's PerformancePak!

Mediacom's Lower Cost Phone

With Mediacom's Lower Cost Phone, you can always get through to the people who matter most, and you'll always hear them in crystal-clear sound. Digital phone service, with unlimited nationwide calling and free calling to Puerto Rico and Canada, keeps everyone much closer. You can keep your current phone number, so everyone always knows where to reach you. Get telephone service from Mediacom or bundle and save with The Mediacom's PerformancePak!

Save with the Mediacom's PerformancePak

Get three great services at one low price! Start saving today by combining your cable TV, high speed Internet and home phone bills into one simple plan! The Mediacom's PerformancePak combines the best services at the best prices. This bundle deal includes Mediacom's Boundary-Free TV, Mediacom's Always Faster Internet and Mediacom's Lower Cost Phone.